Tuesday, February 22, 2011

organics and cupcakes

So today I ventured out with one goal in mind but ended up with two great pit stops.
I ended up on the other side of town where Whole Foods is. So I knew that they had some things at a great price BUT I didn't know they had so many great deals! I can't afford to buy everything organic I do what I can.  So I went into the store for the first time REALLY looking at what they had and what I needed. *A hint to being able to shop online and in stores and KNOW that you're getting a good deal is knowing what the average price for things are. Find the lowest price that you consistently find something at that and maybe keep a list, like in the front of your grocery list notebook.  Also, following sales and knowing that a certain goes on sale frequently enough and that you can buy up on it and wait it out when you have to.  With that in mind you can check out most other places and know when you are truly getting a good deal.

At Whole Foods they have a great bulk bin section. My favorites that I like to grab for the same, lower or reasonably higher price is: organic black beans, organic oats, organic raw cane sugar...BUT be careful. Lurking in the bulk bins section are frivolous and high priced items that you can definitely find cheaper or you just don't need...and are not healthy for you (just because it says organic doesn't mean it's good for you)!

The dairy surprised me. For CHEAPER and the same price I was able to find butter, milk, sour cream, and yogurt that did not have hormones added.  I was surprised! Now, if you wanted organic it was substantially higher priced. So..baby steps. We are at least getting less hormones =).

I didn't really need anything in this area but I did want to see the prices. Some of the products where way higher than at a regular grocery store but there were a few finds that were great. Fresh lettuce was the best deal I found. Organic and cheaper and better looking than other super stores I shop at.

There is so much to be said of Whole Foods but my find of the day which I'm still baffled about was being able to find Non GMO corn chips!!!- near impossible when it comes to corn.

Well, then we were off to home BUT I couldn't wait to stop by a new cupcakery, Smallcakes, that opened up in the area.  The baker was on Cupcake Wars on Foodnetwork twice and my daughter is a big fan of that show, as well as cupcakes. I've always wanted to try a professional pastry. Something that wasn't packaged and that was made as a specialty...I'm especially interested in the icing.  So after a few technical difficulties (me and technology do NOT get along) , we made it there.

It was smaller than expected and packed with people. The line was very long but moved surprisingly fast. 

I was about to check out when I saw someone in the back. Sure enough it was the cupcake man himself!  So I asked if I could take a picture of him and he came out and took a picture with us! I was so excited. I told my husband I was star struck but he reminded me that this guy wasn't a star. =) Close enough for me! 

We were unbelievably patient enough to get the cupcakes home and split them up so that we could all try them out. They were yummy.

Between my sister and I and the kids...we really only bought four cupcakes...they just had one size of box.


  1. Thanks for the info. I didn't realize you could get all the diary products at a reasonable price. Also, something you might be interested in, we use all raw sugar and I found a place you can get a 50 pound bag for $34. It is an awesome deal. The best I have found. I'm sure you know you can use raw sugar in place of cane sugar with no modifications to recipe. -Amanda Binder

  2. That is really great to know! Where did you find such a great deal on sugar?

  3. I wish there were a Whole Foods a little nearer to Harrisonville! I did get up there the other day with my mother-in-law. I got a bunch of buckwheat groats (only 10 cents more per pound than I am used to paying in Texas!), and some lovely organic golden flaxseed. I was excited to see that they sold organic flax for less per pound than you can get it (non-organic) at Walmart (which now sells a 14oz container for $1.98). What a find! I also discovered that their store brand peanut butter is less expensive than most other peanut butters I've been able to find at Walmart or Price Chopper (we only get peanut butter that has no sugar or extra oils in it; just peanuts and salt!). I haven't had a chance to try it yet but I'm sure it's great. I wish we had looked a little bit more at the dairy! We did glance at the yogurt and David's mom picked one our that was organic but she really didn't like it and gave it to us (boo hoo, I say I!). We gobbled it down with a couple drops of stevia and cinnamon mixed in. YUM!

    Now I want a cupcake. Thaaaaanks. :-P

  4. I need to proof my comments a bit more, methinks. :-P