Sunday, February 20, 2011

feed your skin

This weekend I had the extreme pleasure of hosting a lotion making party. Is it because I'm a pro at this?Absolutely not! But we all learned a lot! That is in between all the chatting and chewing. Yes, you can buy lotion for super cheap, however lotion that works well and is GOOD for you and your skin can be very pricey. It's important to watch what you put on your skin, the largest organ of your body.  Your skin absorbs things sometimes faster than what you eat.  So, all of these things we put into these lotions are things that you could eat! 
Here are my top two favorite recipes that I know I will try again:

Chatherine's Coconut Oil Lotion
*Her daughter has blogged about this and she has a really neat blog that I love.
1/2-1 C unrefined organic coconut oil
Add Aloe Vera Gel
and blend until desired
(I also added some essential oil. I just put a dab of lavender- perfect for the children after baths!)

My friend Claire was probably the only one who diligently worked on a lotion, and her work paid off! I got to reap the benefits too!

Her recipe included melting, cooling and mixing...I'm hoping to get the recipe from her!
(She did! Here it is!)

We ALL LOVED the coffee scrub. We made a batch in about a minute and a half and had to try it out right away. Made me silky smooth for the rest of the night!
(my sink is NOT that dirty- it was the coffee!!)

Coffee Body Scrub
2 cups ground coffee (I hear you can also prepare this with used coffee grounds -- another great way to recycle!)

1/2 cup salt or sugar

2-3 tablespoons oil, to desired consistency
(I also added some lavender to this as well. I think I'll try some tea tree too next time)
As Meg blogged about this that you could probably use old coffee grounds then that would make this recipe dirt cheap!

A big saver for the day was a friend who printed out these recipes for us on card stock. What a great idea! Put some of these together for yourself and a friend and print out some of these cards and have a very personal and thoughtful gift...for a fraction of the price.

I must add that food was hit.  Erin brought some yummy homemade pita chips and hummus and I look forward to seeing a recipe on her blog...hint hint!
I made two of my favorite chip dips, spinach artichoke dip (I don't follow the recipe exactly- do I ever?) and spicy red pepper dip.  Both of them are addictive but I can never get enough of the red pepper dip. My father in law bought a season mix in Texas. It seemed so simple to me I threw something together and I liked the results! I haven't really gotten the measurements down yet but I have the gist. To me it's wonderful because of the cool creaminess from sour cream, the slight sweet from the Mayo and the wonderful flavor and heat from cumin and red peppers.

Rep Pepper Dip
1/2 C sour cream
1/2 C olive oil mayo
1 t red pepper flakes
1/4-1/2 t ground red pepper
1 t cumin
1/2 t salt
dash of black pepper
Mix and refrigerate 1 hour- overnight
Red Pepper Dip

Artichoke Dip

We all had a blast (at least that's what they tell me :)

And the end result:

Coffee scrub, coconut oil lotion, wonderful face lotion.

I hope to do more of this. I hope to find some pumps to make mason jar lotion/soap pumps.
I love being productive, I love getting together with friends, and I love eating...this party was just that.


  1. I so want to try the coffee scrub! Think it would provide a boost in the morning?
    Where do you get your coconut oil?

  2. Oh Darcie, the coffee scrub truly is great. haha, I don't know about a boost in the morning but I've heard about putting caffeine on your skin to tighten it an anti-aging sorta thing.
    I got my coconut oil from the same place I linked it too. It was 6.98 I think but it lasts a good amount of time and is supposed to be good for you. Try the coffee scrub and let me know how it goes!

  3. yay! Claire did share her link! :
    And I wanted to add that cleaning up this kind of party was great. All those oils and was like moisturizing and cleaning at the same time! (that's like an oxymoron! Plus I didn't have to worry about nasty chemicals being left in my cookware...what a win win!!

  4. Looks like so much fun! I'm going to try that coffee scrub for sure! I'm interested in the facial lotion too. This winter has totally dried my skin out!

  5. The face lotion looks like it turned out quite nicely!

    I can't stop using that coffee scrub! I like to use it on my face in the morning. I had been using pure shea butter on my face but I like this even more because it's exfoliating and moisturizing at the same time, so I basically get to skip a step in my morning routine. Definitely have to use it gently on delicate places like the face though; it's quite course!

  6. My Mom made the above-mentioned Coconut Oil Lotion a few years ago, and loved it so much she made a container for each of our relatives. (except she added some lavender oil)
    Regular old CO works well too for face and all around body lotion. Will have to try some of your new recipes!

  7. These Emu Oil natural skin care products are ideal for daily use,which will reduce the appearance of aging, spotting, and irritated provides only the most natural dietary supplements that are needed to improve or maintain health.

  8. Thanks Jackson for that link :)
    I'm up for better looking skin!

    Meg- face ex foliating- wonderful idea!
    Kendle- hope you love them as much as we did!

  9. Ahhh! I LOVE that you used my mom's lotion recipe via my sis's blog. It really is the best. Mom also gets various essential oils to add to some of her lotion concoctions, and it makes them smell soooo fresh and delicious. Like lavender and rosemary oils, and also this pre-mixed essential oil blend called 'medieval blend' that has a lot of different herbs.