Monday, January 10, 2011

Yay for snow days!

It may be after Christmas but "Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow!"
We woke to a beautfiul "Winter Wonderland" as my four year old called it. I thought they would never leave the window.

I didn't plan on having a "snow day" today. I had hoped to keep plans as usual and do "school" with Joy. However, they were in such a good mood and were playing together so well, an unexpected phone call and it was all out the window! And not much later and we were out the door to play. But I was able to start the day with focusing my thoughts with the help of a great new devotional from Love Worth Finding that I've subscribed to and suggest to all of you!
One thing I did plan on was a pot of hot soup. I just made the soup for me...the rest of my family are not fans of soup. So I made a nice spicy tortilla soup!

I just throw in some:
raw chicken (about a pound)
some favorite veggies
Southwest blend of
green bell peppers
red bell peppers
some black beans.

I give it a good amount of
chili powder
fresh cilantro (I could live on it)
lots of salt
a little

It was delicious. I think next time I will thicken it slightly. Maybe with a can of condensed tomato soup or a small rue (butter and flour done right :)
I garnished with sour cream, cheese and and a bit of tomato sauce or paste and of course at least a sprig more of cilantro.

After nap time we headed out for some snow fun.

We then warmed up with some hot chocolate (I don't know which was more anticipated). I had a "grown up" hot chocolate and made it with coffee, hot chocolate mix and a candy cane for a poor mans peppermint mocha.

Happy winter fun to all of you! What activities do you most enjoy?


  1. Hi Jessica! Thanks for your kind comment on my coin purses! I see we have lots of the same interests. I don't have much about cooking on my blog, but it's actually my favorite thing to do! Your tortilla soup looks amazing.

  2. Thanks everyone! I hope to be adding more soon!