Saturday, January 8, 2011

satisfied with saturday

all the promises and hopes that await on a saturday morning. errands and shopping done now my home is ready for some attention. I'm always excited with the thought of sewing and reading the day away on a Saturday afternoon. Most of the time life overtakes and I get minimal amounts done but the hope and excitement is still there every weekend.

So, this morning, I have my americano brewed and ready(in my great new cup I got from a friend for my birthday!), my material washed and waiting to be pressed. all that stands in my way is a house to be cleaned and a few remaining Christmas decorations that have escaped under radar...however I'm not
giving up my snowmen yet!

if all that is accomplished then I have my reading set out for me!

my most anticipated read:

Friday night is late night around here for the kids. now little Isaac doesn't get to stay up too late but he does enjoy the popcorn and pillow mountain. last night I got to use my new stove top popper I got for my birthday. I usually use a heavy bottom stainless steal pot (the read popper I had did do the job) and I have to be careful and "lift" and shake because I have a glass top stove. But now I just turn the handle :)

After last night's festivities my night began. I got out loads of material to get my brain going...all for one important baby gift. Just a simple gift and idea but to me its the proof and fruits of lessons learned. I new the material I chose was hard to work with and I would have to baste. basting is a little time consuming sometimes but it is absolutely necessary. just a simple hand stitch around the blanket kept everything where it should be and kept it nice neat. the other thing that I learned lately and got to apply to the blanket (no pun intended- this time:) is how great iron-on facing is. using iron on facing allows me to make my own appliques or design cutouts with so much ease. So while many of you will look at this and wonder why on earth I would put this out for all to see I am still happy with it. signs of improvement and growth!

repurposed (my favorite thing to do) appliques from Joy's shirts:

As long as she likes it right?

I leave you with a verse that has meant a lot to me lately.

Philipians 4:8
Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

God has laid it all out for us. There's little room for anger, bitterness, depression, selfishness, hate, fear, anxiety, worry...when we are always dwelling on Him and His goodness!

what are your favorite hobbies to indulge in on the weekends?


  1. A favorite scripture of mine also. Remember to keep those thoughts toward people also. Perfect weather to stay home.

  2. Very true!
    and yes, as I watched the weather forecast I was happier and happier that I have most of my errands done for awhile! - well, there's always something that needs doing.

  3. I love to sneak a little reading in on the weekends & I also want to pick my crochet hook back up again! I also sometimes do some special baking too! It's rare though. My weekends usually consist of cleaning, laundry, entertaining the kiddos & of course watching my beloved COLTS team! :)

  4. yay for weekend baking Heather! but I know how it is. Most of my day ended up cleaning and laundry as well.

  5. Great job on the baby's gift! :) God has really been using that verse in my life lately. It's amazing how when He's working on you in a certain area, He reminds you everywhere you go! @Lena, I like what you said: "Remember to keep those thoughts toward people also." What an important reminder!

  6. thank you livngsoabundantly! nice to hear from you! You're right. God whispers things to us to help us really learn!