Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mini Excursion/ Stay-cation

We recently went on a mini family staycation. Just my husband and two children and I. We met some friends for dinner at our favorite restaurant, Cinzetti's. Then we went back to the hotel to swim. I had too much "simple" fun the next morning though.

We went to see if Crate and Barrel was open, and it was not. We had almost 40 minutes to kill! I saw, to much delight and surprise, that my favorite local coffee roasterie had a cafe. I HAD to stop and took some pictures for you...

It was a very cute place. I ordered my regular, french vanilla americano with whipped cream.

But there was so much to choose from!  Not to mention the Christopher Elbow chocolates. I'd never seen gourmet chocolates in real life! Little things like this excite a simple gal such as myself.

This however was just a side stop to burn time while we waited for Crate and Barrel to open.  It is my new found love thanks to my generous sister who introduced me to it and it's very affordable finds.  Joy and I made our way lazily through and found some great items for my wish list.  I walked out with two great purchases for $15. It felt like my birthday! Simple girl, simple pleasures.

Ceramic Measuring spoons and a candy thermometer.

Oh, and since I got my thermometer I was off to make some weekend doughnuts!
Bad for the diet but I had lots of fun!

All yeast doughnuts with chocolate icing and sprinkles, glazed, cherry filled and Bavarian cream with chocolate icing. I still have a lot to learn about timing the cooking but I was surprised at the ease of the dough.  I followed the recipe and when it began to pull away from the sides I put it to rest in an oiled bowl. I normally would keep flouring until it formed a ball but this actually worked out surprisingly well. Making your own doughnuts may not be cost effective, and is not really good for the waist line but is fun and good to know that you can! It is not very hard and you'll only get better each time! What did they do before the doughnut stores opened! (They were skinnier!!)


  1. Those donuts look amazing! I know I don't eat wheat or sugar and they're full of both, but I WANT SOME! Yummy!

    I have never been to Crate & Barrel. Looks like fun though.

  2. Oh Meg, it was fun! You should really go sometime. The nesting bowls and solid white coffee press are on my wishlist now...you'll really enjoy yourself!
    And thanks for the compliment :)